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International Dendrology Society

IDS is an international society with members from all over the world and a programme of events, tours and study days.

The International Dendrology Society (IDS) was formed in 1952 after Mr Robert and Mr Georges de Belder (Belgium) discussed the idea with three other eminent horticulturists, Dr & Mrs Gerd Kr├╝ssmann (Germany) and Mr Jacques Lombarts (Netherlands).

The aims are to promote the study and enjoyment of trees and other woody plants, to bring together dendrologists from all round the world, and to protect and conserve rare and endangered plant species worldwide. This last aim is now even more relevant with increasing industrial development and threats to plant species.

In 1994, the Society formed the Dendrology Charitable Company to take over its charitable work. This website is produced through the support of the Dendrology Charitable Company.

You can find out more at the IDS website.