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Jasminum floridum Bunge

Modern name

Jasminum floridum Bunge

A nearly evergreen shrub of rambling habit; branches angled, glabrous. Leaves alternate; mostly composed of three leaflets, but occasionally five, never apparently more. Leaflets oval, sometimes obovate or ovate, 12 to 112 in. long, 14 to 58 in. wide, pointed, glabrous. Flowers yellow, in terminal cymose clusters, usually produced from July onwards; corolla 12 to 34 in long, the lobes five, pointed. Calyx-lobes five, about 18 in. long, awl-shaped. Fruit about the size of a small pea, black. Bot. Mag., t. 6719.

Native of China; cultivated in that country and Japan; introduced by Lord Ilchester about the middle of last century. It was originally discovered in North China, but Henry found it frequently in Central China, about Ichang. It is closely akin to J. humile, having alternate leaves and yellow flowers, but differs in the longer, more slender calyx-lobes. It has long been grown on a wall at Kew, but is not so hardy as J. humile.



Other species in the genus