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Malus prattii (Hemsl.) Schneid.

Modern name

Malus prattii (Hemsl.) C.K.Schneid.


Pyrus prattii Hemsl.

A deciduous tree up to 30 ft high; young shoots furnished with whitish hairs when quite young, soon glabrous. Leaves ovate, ovate-lanceolate, or oval, the apex slenderly pointed, the base rounded, sharply and doubly toothed, 212 to 512 in. long, 1 to 234 in. wide, soon glabrous except for occasional down beneath on the midrib and chief veins; stalk 1 to 112 in. long. Flowers white, 34 to 1 in. wide, borne during May in clusters ten or twelve together; styles five, glabrous. Fruits roundish egg-shaped, 12 in. wide, red, specked with tiny white dots, the woolly calyx persisting at the top, flesh gritty; fruit-stalk 1 in. long.

Native of Szechwan, China; discovered by A. E. Pratt, introduced by Wilson for Messrs Veitch in 1904. It bears fruit regularly at Kew and is distinct on account of the largish leaves and handsome, dotted fruits. The foliage often colours well in autumn. Akin to M. yunnanensis (q.v.).



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