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Malus × arnoldiana Sarg.

Modern name

Malus × arnoldiana Sarg.

This beautiful crab originated in the Arnold Arboretum, Mass., where it appeared amongst some seedlings of M. floribunda and was first distinguished about 1905. Sargent suggests that it is probably a hybrid between M. floribunda and one of the garden forms of M. baccata. A plant obtained for Kew in 1912 has proved to be a very charming addition to its group. In habit it is extremely graceful, producing as it does long arching or semi-pendulous shoots which, when young, are redder than those of M. floribunda. The foliage is similar but of larger average size. The flowers are more than half as large again and are about 114 in. wide. In the bud state the petals are a rich ruby red, paling with age to deep rose outside and pale rose inside. As with M. floribunda the beauty of the tree is greatest when half the flowers are still in the bud state. Flower-stalk 112 to 2 in. long, reddish; lobes of the calyx awl-shaped, 14 in. long; both are nearly glabrous (downy in floribunda). Fruits egg-shaped, 34 in. long, tapering to the flat apex which is marked with the scars of the fallen calyx, pale yellow, changing finally to dull red. Blooms in April. There are several clones of this hybrid.



Other species in the genus