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Baccharis patagonica Hook. & Arn.

Modern name

Baccharis patagonica Hook. & Arn.

An evergreen shrub, of somewhat open but stiff habit, with angled, viscid, rather scurfy twigs, densely furnished with leaves. Leaves obovate, rounded at the apex, tapering at the base, stalkless, 14 to 1 in. long, half as wide; usually coarsely toothed towards the apex; deep green above, scurfy on both surfaces. Flower-heads stalkless or nearly so, produced singly in the leaf-axils, yellowish white, and of little beauty.

Native of Chile and Argentina in the region of the Straits of Magellan, etc. It has proved quite hardy at Kew, and is a rather interesting, small-leaved ever­green, growing 8 to 10 ft high there, probably considerably more in warmer districts. It blossoms in May, and this character as well as its stalkless, solitary flower-heads and evergreen leaves, make it very distinct from B. halimifolia. It can be increased by cuttings at almost any season.



Other species in the genus