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Berchemia lineata (L.) DC.

Modern name

Berchemia lineata (L.) DC.


Rhamnus lineata L.

A deciduous climbing shrub of elegant growth; young shoots finely downy. Leaves oval, often inclined to ovate, 14 to 114 in. long, 18 to 58 in. wide, rounded at the base, often also at the apex except for the mucronate tip; dark green above, pale beneath, but distinctly and prettily marked with four to six parallel veins running out from the midrib to the margin; stalk very short. Flowers white, 316 in. long, produced in terminal clusters and in the terminal leaf-axils of slender, lateral, often short twigs, each flower on a slender stalk 18 to 14 in. long; sepals erect, linear, enclosing the other parts. Fruit a cylindrical or oval drupe, 316 to 14 in. long, blue-black when ripe.

Native of S. and S.E. China, Formosa, N. India. An elegant climber, very distinct in its abundant, parallel-veined leaves and its tiny blue fruits.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

Some plants that have been grown under this name are really B. edgeworthii M. A. Laws., which is part of B. lineata as once understood by some botanists. It is a more western species, ranging from Afghanistan and Baluchistan to Bhutan. In B. lineata the young shoots are downy, the stipules are thread-like and barely 110 in. long, and the flowers are crowded at the ends of the branches, the terminal clusters of three to four flowers being supplemented by others borne singly or two together in the uppermost leaf-axils. In B. edgeworthii the young stems are glabrous, the stipules are ovate to lanceolate and about 18 in. long, and the flowers are borne in the leaf-axils in clusters of three or four in each.



Other species in the genus