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Betula insignis Franch.

Modern name

Betula insignis Franch.

This species, considered by Schneider to be allied to B. grossa and B. globispica, was described by Franchet from a specimen collected by Père Farges in Hupeh, China. The leading characters appear to be: leaves ovate or ovate-elliptic, to 3[1/2] in. long and 1[3/8] in. wide, acuminate, rounded at the base, finely and regularly toothed, with twelve to fifteen pairs of veins; female catkins unusually large, sometimes over 2 in. long and [5/8] in. wide; bracts with narrow acute lobes, the lateral lobes ascending; seeds narrowly winged.

A birch found by Wilson in Hupeh and western Szechwan is thought to belong here. It is, as seen by him, a small tree with a bushy crown and a close, smooth, dark bark. Some of Wilson’s specimens have female catkins shorter and relatively broader than in the type.

Plants under the name B. insignis are now in cultivation.



Other species in the genus