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Buddleia × weyeriana Weyer

Modern name

Buddleja × weyeriana Weyer

This is a hybrid raised in the autmn of 1914 by Mr Van de Weyer at Smedmore House, Corfe Castle, Dorset, by crossing B. davidii var. magnifica with B. globosa. A number of plants were raised from the seeds and they vary considerably; but most of them inherited from B. globosa, the seed parent, the ball-like flower-clusters arranged in panicles, and a more or less definite shade of yellow in the corolla. Two have been named: ‘Golden Glow’, with orange and yellow flowers shaded with pink and mauve. This is not only distinct from all the true species of Buddleia in the arrangement of the flowers, but has considerable beauty also. Another, not so good, is called ‘Moonlight’, its flowers pale cream colour with deep orange-yellow in the throat. They flower from June onwards.

The shrubs themselves are very vigorous and hardy. The raiser’s hope was to attain a buddleia combining the inflorescence of B. davidii with a clear yellow colour from B. globosa. In this he never succeeded; he raised one with flowers as in ‘Moonlight’, but ‘fifty per cent better’, but so far as is known this was never named or distributed.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

As briefly mentioned in the reprint, ‘Sungold’ is said to be an improvement on ‘Golden Glow’, of which it is a sport, noted and propagated in the nursery of P. G. Zwijnenburg, Holland. The flowers are a deeper orange in colour.



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