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Ehretia ovalifolia Hasskarl

Modern name

Ehretia acuminata R.Br.

E. thyrsiflora (Sieb. & Zucc.) Nakai; Cordia thyrsiflora Sieb. & Zucc; E. acuminata var. obovata (Lindl.) I. M. Johnston; E. serrata var. obovata Lindl.

See page 75, as E. thyrsiflora. It should have been added that this species is closely allied to E. acuminata R. Br. of Australia and indeed Wilson’s introduction from China was originally introduced under this name. More recently it has been placed under E. acuminata as a variety (see synonyms above; E. serrata Roxb. is a Himalayan species, also allied to E. acuminata).

specimens: Kew, near Main Gate, 40 × 3[3/4] ft (1984) and, by King William’s Temple, 33 × 2[1/2] ft (1976); Spetchley Park, Worcs., 40 × 5[1/4] ft (1981); Bath Botanic Garden, 48 × 3 ft (1984).

E. dicksonii. – This species should have been given a main heading, since it is not closely allied to E. ovalifolia (thyrsiflora). It was at one time confused with the Himalayan E. macrophylla Wall.

specimens: Kew, by King William’s Temple, pl. 1927-8, 31 × 4[1/2] ft and 33 × 3[1/2] ft (1981); Westonbirt, Glos., 35 × 2[1/4] ft (1980); Birr Castle, Co. Offaly, Eire, 56 × 3[1/2] ft (1985).

The West Hill nursery of Messrs Hillier no longer exists, nor does the specimen mentioned. This nursery, being on chalk, was of value as a proving ground for the lime-tolerance of new introductions. For an interesting account of it in earlier years, see Gard. Chron., 1914 ii, p. 150.



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