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Eucryphia × intermedia Bausch

Modern name

Eucryphia × intermedia J.Bausch

A small evergreen tree; young shoots slightly grooved. Leaves simple or trifoliolate; the former oblong, up to 212 in. long, slightly toothed and shortly mucronate; the trifoliolate ones have the middle leaflet of the same size as the simple leaf with a short stalk; the side leaflets are much smaller, stalkless, up to 1 in. long; all are dark green, rather glaucous beneath, slightly hairy on the stalk and margins. Flowers single or in pairs at the apex of the branches, pure white, 1 to 114 in. wide; petals four, widely obovate and overlapping. Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 534.

A hybrid between E. glutinosa (pinnatifolia) and E. lucida, which appeared spontaneously in the grounds at Rostrevor, Co. Down. The clonal name for this, the original form of the cross, is ‘Rostrevor’. It was shown in flower by Lord Aberconway, 1st September 1936, at Vincent Square, when it was given an Award of Merit. An attractive hybrid and interesting as originating from an Australian species crossed with a Chilean one. It is vigorous, fast-growing, and of the same order of hardiness as E. × nymansensis.

E. × hillieri Ivens (E. lucida × moorei). – The typical form of this cross, ‘Winton’, arose as a self-sown seedling in the Chandlers Ford nursery of Messrs Hillier and Sons. The leaves are pinnate as in E. moorei, with two or three pairs of leaflets, which are relatively broader and blunter than in that species. Flowers solitary, about 1 in. across, borne on quite young plants. From E. × intermedia ‘Rostrevor’ this hybrid differs in its pinnate (rarely trifoliolate leaves), with entire margins. The same hybrid has arisen at Trengwainton in Cornwall and received the clonal name ‘Penwith’.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

E. × hillieri – This cross was also made at Trengwainton in Cornwall; see further below under E. lucida × E. cordifolia.



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