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Morus cathayana Hemsl.

Modern name

Morus cathayana Hemsl.

A tree 10 to 25 ft high, young shoots downy at first, becoming smoother and greyish. Leaves heart-shaped, 3 to 6 in. long on adult plants, three-fourths as wide (considerably larger on young vigorous plants), terminated at the apex by an abrupt slender point, margins roundish-toothed (often three-lobed in young trees); rough with short hairs above, softly downy beneath, primary veins in five or six pairs; stalk about 1 in. long, hairy. Male spikes 34 in. long, borne on a slender stalk about the same length; female spikes of similar size, but with the flowers more closely packed. Fruits about 1 in. long, white, black, or red.

Native of Central China; first discovered about 1888, by Henry, in Hupeh; introduced twenty years later by Wilson. Young trees have hitherto grown freely, and promise to be quite hardy.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

The specimens at Kew, pl. 1907, measure 44 × 312 ft and 40 × 312 ft (1981).



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