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Enkianthus serrulatus (Wils.) Schneid.

Modern name

Enkianthus serrulatus (E.H.Wilson) C.K.Schneid.


E. quinqueflorus var. serrulatus Wils.

This is closely related to E. quinqueflorus and was at first considered by E. H. Wilson to be a variety of it. It is a native of Central and W. China and was introduced in 1900. A shrub or small tree up to 20 ft high, differing from quinqueflorus in being quite deciduous; young shoots glabrous; bud-scales minutely ciliate. Leaves narrowly oval or obovate, slender-pointed, tapered at the base; 112 to 3 in. long, about half as wide; quite glabrous. They differ from those of quinqueflorus in being very finely toothed and not so leathery. Flowers in clusters of up to six, each on a stalk 34 to 1 in. long, bell-shaped, 12 in. long, with small reflexed lobes. They differ from the flowers of quinqueflorus in being pure white.



Other species in the genus