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Epigaea × intertexta Mulligan

Modern name

Epigaea × intertexta Mulligan

This cross between E. repens and E. asiatica was made by Messrs Marchant in 1928 and described by B. O. Mulligan in Journ. R.H.S., Vol. 64, pp. 507-510 (1939). Of the many seedlings raised, one, named ‘Apple Blossom’, is more satisfactory as a garden plant than E. repens, which it resembles in general character but from which it differs in its larger and more numerous flowers, of a deeper pink. Later the raisers back-crossed ‘Apple Blossom’ on to E. asiatica and one seedling from this cross was put into commerce in 1938 as ‘Aurora’. This is closer to the second parent, which it resembles in its thick, dark green leaves. The flowers are fewer in each truss (three to nine), but larger and better displayed, with spreading lobes.



Other species in the genus