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Erica andevalensis Cabezudo & Rivera

Modern name

Erica mackaiana subsp. andevalensis (Cabezudo & Rivera) D.C.McClint. & E.C.Nelson

In its botanical character this new species (described in 1980) is almost identical to E. mackaiana, but is quite unlike it in habit, making a stouter and stiffer shrub to 4 ft or slightly more in height and looking like E. terminalis when seen from a distance. It was described from plants growing on weathered but still toxic spoil tips around the mines north of Huelva in south-west Spain, but has also been found on more natural soils in this district. See further in the Heather Society Year Book for 1983, pp. 35-6 and Kew Magazine, Vol. 2(3), pp. 324-30 (1985).



Other species in the genus