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Erica × veitchii Bean

Modern name

Erica × veitchii Bean

A hybrid raised in the Exeter nurseries of Messrs R. Veitch & Sons, and first exhibited by them at the Royal Horticultural Hall on 14th February 1905. It appears to have been of accidental origin, but there is no doubt that E. arborea and E. lusitanica are its parents. It is intermediate in many respects between them. In the colour of its foliage it resembles E. lusitanica, but the habit is rather that of E. arborea. The flowers are intermediate in shape, and white. They show their hybrid origin in the shape and colour of the stigma, the flattened shape being that of E. arborea, the pinkish colour that of E. lusitanica; stamens pink. A further indication of hybridity is in the hairs on the young shoots, which are partly branched like those of E. arborea, and partly simple like those of E. lusitanica.

E. × veitchii is quite as beautiful a heath as its parents, and of more vigorous growth.



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