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Genista germanica L.

Modern name

Genista germanica L.

A deciduous shrub about 2 ft high, with spiny, hairy shoots; spines mostly branched, 12 to 34 in. long. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, 12 to 34 in. long, 18 to 14 in. wide, hairy especially about the margins, dark green. Racemes 1 to 2 in. long, terminating leafy, spineless shoots. Flowers yellow, 13 to 12 in. long; standard petal reflexed. Pods 12 in. long, hairy. Blossoms in June.

This species is fairly widely distributed, from S.W. France through central Europe to western central Russia and as far south-east as Bulgaria. Its nearest ally is G. anglica (q.v. for the marks of difference). It is apt to grow rank, and become rather ragged in rich garden soil; a sunny, rather dry position suits it best.



Other species in the genus