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Genista villarsii Clementi

Modern name

Genista pulchella Vis.


G. humifusa Vill., not L.; G. pulchella Gren. & Godr., not Vis.

In the wild this is often found in arid mountainous places and is there a pigmy bush a few inches high, consisting of a thick, short main-stem and a gnarled, twisted mass of short twigs. In places more favourable to its growth it will make shoots 1 to 3 in. long in a season, but it is always dwarf; young shoots grey, downy, grooved. Leaves linear, hairy on both surfaces, 14 in. or so long. Flowers yellow, solitary in the terminal leaf-axils of the shoot, 13 in. long, of the usual broom-flower shape; calyx very hairy, with triangular pointed lobes; petals hairy. Pods 12 in. long, very hairy.

Native of S.E. France. This is another of the dwarf alpine brooms very suitable for growing on a sunny shelf in the rock garden. It is perfectly hardy at Kew. In its frequently starved, wild condition, the twigs occasionally become rather spine-tipped, but this tendency disappears under the softer conditions of cultivation. Flowers in May.



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