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Euonymus macropterus Rupr.

Modern name

Euonymus macropterus Rupr.


E. ussuriensis Maxim.

A deciduous shrub 10 ft or more high, of spreading habit, glabrous in all its parts; winter buds spindle-shaped, 14 in. long. Leaves obovate or oval, mostly slender-pointed, wedge-shaped at the base, finely toothed; 212 to 4 in. long, 1 to 112 in. wide; dark glossy green; veins in four or five pairs; stalk 14 to 13 in. long. Flowers small, numerous, green, copiously produced in May on slender-stalked cymes 1 to 2 in. long. Fruits 78 in. wide, pink, four-winged; wings 14 in. long, thin, narrowing to a rounded end; aril deep red.

Native of Pacific Russia, Korea, Manchuria, and Japan; introduced in 1905 by Messrs Veitch, who distributed it under the name “E. sachalinensis”. It is a very hardy shrub and grows vigorously at Kew. A fine plant, 14 ft in diameter and 10 ft high, with long arching branches, is in the collection there which bears fruit regularly.



Other species in the genus