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Euonymus porphyreus Loes.

Modern name

Euonymus frigidus Wall.

This species is probably near to E. sanguineus (page 160), but the leaves are relatively narrower, to about 3[1/2] in. long and not much over 1 in. wide, with long, slender acuminate tips and dark purple or dark red flowers. It was described from a specimen collected by Forrest in the Lichiang range of Yunnan in 1906 and found by Wilson in the following two years in western Hupeh and western Szechwan, at altitudes of up to 10,000 ft. It is a medium-sized shrub, 5 to 15 ft high in the wild. Seed collected by Roy Lancaster in western Szechwan near Kangting (Tatsien-lu) in 1981 may give this species (The Plantsman, Vol. 4(1), p. 62). But the euonymuses collected by Wilson in this area were referred to E. sanguineus as varieties in Plantae Wilsonianae.



Other species in the genus