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Berberis lepidifolia Ahrendt

Modern name

Berberis lepidifolia Ahrendt

A rather spreading shrub to 8 ft high, deciduous, but holding its leaves well into the winter. Stems glabrous, grooved, dark brown when mature, often without spines, which, where present, are simple. Leaves very narrow, never more than 15 in. wide, 23 to 2 in. long, dull green above, greyish beneath. Flowers small, borne in July, five to eight in an umbel about 112 in. wide. Fruit 14 in. long, black with a slight bloom.

Described from specimens collected by Forrest in the mountains between the rivers Yangtse and Mekong and in cultivation from his F. 23614. At Wisley, in the R.H.S. Garden, it has made a compact bush only 4 ft high.



Other species in the genus