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Berberis replicata W. W. Sm.

Modern name

Berberis replicata W.W.Sm.

An evergreen shrub up to 4 or 5 ft high, with gracefully arching branches; devoid of down in all its parts; young shoots yellowish; spines three-parted, up to 58 in. long. Leaves in clusters of usually three to five, linear-oblong, made apparently narrower by the strongly recurved margins; spine-tipped and with a few teeth; 1 to 2 in. long; leathery, dark dull green above, whitish beneath. Flowers in clusters of three to ten, bright yellow, 14 in. wide, each on its slender stalk 13 to 12 in. long. Fruit oblong, 38 in. long, red, finally purple-black. Bot. Mag., t. 9076.

Native of S.W. Yunnan, China, in the valley of the Shweli river; discovered and introduced in 1917 by Forrest. This is a very pleasing evergreen in habit, in flower, and in fruit, easily recognised by its narrow leaves with recurved margins and whitish beneath – characters which distinguish it from its nearest ally, B. sanguinea. It appears to be quite hardy. The flowering season seems to be variable; the normal time apparently is April and May, but in a very mild winter and early spring it may bloom as soon as February.

B. taliensis Schneid. – A dense evergreen shrub growing slowly to about 3 ft high. Leaves narrow, dark shining green; flowers greenish yellow in clusters of two to five. Fruits to 12 in. long, glaucous blue. It is closely allied to the preceding and was also introduced by Forrest.



Other species in the genus