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Cytisus sessilifolius L.

Modern name

Cytisophyllum sessilifolium (L.) O.Lang

A deciduous, bushy shrub 5 or 6 ft high, with ribbed, not downy branchlets. Leaves glabrous, trifoliolate, usually without stalks on the short flowering shoots, but with stalks up to 34 in. long on the stronger, non-flowering ones. Leaflets very variable in shape, often obovate, but also oval, roundish, or oblate, from 14 to 34 in. long, pointed. Flowers four to ten, in short racemes terminating short side twigs of the year, bright yellow, 12 in. long, expanding in June. Pod 114 in. long, 13 in. wide, glabrous. Bot. Mag., t. 255.

Native of S. Europe and N. Africa; introduced over three hundred years ago, and one of the most attractive of the later-flowering brooms. It is more appreciated on the continent than with us, and gives some of the brightest effects seen in German gardens in June.



Other species in the genus