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Cytisus tommasinii Vis.

Modern name

Cytisus tommasinii Vis.


Cytisanthus tommasinii (Vis.) Rothm.

A deciduous shrub, erect, about 2 ft high; young shoots very slender, appressed hairy. Leaves trifoliolate; leaflets 13 to 1 in. long, 112 to 14 in. wide, oval-lanceolate to oval, tapered more to the base than to the short-pointed apex; central leaflets mostly obovate, at first appressed-hairy beneath. Flowers very shortly stalked in a terminal umbel; corolla yellow, 58 to 34 in. long, made narrow by the clasping, tubular, hairy calyx, 12 in. long. Pod 34 in. long, shaggy.

Native of E. Europe, quite frequent in the neighbourhood of Kotor in Dalmatia. It belongs to the confusing group of brooms centring round C. supinus.



Other species in the genus