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Cytisus × kewensis Bean

Modern name

Cytisus kewensis Bean

A low, deciduous, perfectly procumbent shrub less than 1 ft high, but sometimes 6 ft across. Leaves sometimes simple, but usually trifoliolate, downy. Flowers produced in May singly, or two or three together, at each joint of the previous year’s wood; they are each about 12 in. long, creamy white or pale sulphur-yellow, with a fine standard petal 12 in. across. Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 299.

A hybrid between C. ardoinii (seed-bearer) and C. multijlorus, raised at Kew in 1891. For growing on shelves of the rock garden few dwarf shrubs are more beautiful. The flowers are rather larger than those of C. × praecox, but otherwise very similar.



Other species in the genus