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Prunus argentea (Lam.) Rehd.

Modern name

Prunus argentea (Lam.) Rehder


Amygdalus argentea Lam.; A. orientalis Mill.; P. orientalis (Mill.) Koehne, not Walp.

A deciduous shrub or small tree with whitish, downy twigs. Leaves elliptical or ovate, short-stalked, 34 to 112 in. long, covered with a close silvery down. Flowers solitary or in pairs, 34 in. across; petals rose-coloured, thin, and of short duration. Fruits egg-shaped, 58 in. long, pointed, rather compressed, covered with a close, white down.

Native of the Near East; in cultivation 1756. This almond is easily distinguished from all others of this genus in cultivation by the silvery leaves. It is not hardy in the open, and on a wall should be given a sunny place. In a shady position the leaves lose their whiteness, and suggest mildew rather than silveriness. It flowers very shyly in this country, and is only worth growing for the unusual aspect of its foliage.



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