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Prunus kansuensis Rehd.

Modern name

Prunus kansuensis Rehder


Amygdalus kansuensis (Rehd.) Skeels

A tall, deciduous shrub or a small tree up to 20 ft high with a smooth, brown trunk. Leaves lanceolate, slender-pointed, 2 to 4 in. long, 38 to 114 in. wide, finely toothed, hairy along the midrib; stalk 18 to 316 in. long. Flowers crowded on the naked glabrous shoots, mostly in pairs and making cylindrical spikes 1 to 112 ft long; they are white, 34 in. wide, pink in bud; petals roundish ovate, 38 in. long; calyx grey, hairy outside, ciliate, the lobes oblong-ovate, 18 in. long; stamens white, anthers and style yellow.

Native of N.W. China, introduced to California by Meyer in 1914. It will be welcomed in gardens for its early blossoms which (regulated by the weather) may appear any time in late January or February. It is closely related to the common peach, the stone being widely, shallowly grooved but not pitted. Award of Merit when shown from Kew February 5, 1957.



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