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Prunus humilis Bunge

Modern name

Prunus humilis Bunge


P. bungei Walp.

A low-growing, deciduous shrub 4 to 5 ft high, with downy young branchlets. Leaves oval or obovate with a tapering base, 1 to 2 in. long, half as wide, almost glabrous except when quite young, finely and doubly toothed; stalk 18 in. long; stipules 14 in. long, linear, very glandular. Flowers pale pink, 12 in. across, produced singly, in pairs, or in threes from the buds of the previous year’s wood, each on a stalk 13 in. long. Fruits bright red, very acid in this country, but not unpalatable, about 12 in. in diameter, Bot. Mag., t. 7335.

Native of N. China; introduced to Kew in 1881 by Dr Bretschneider. This pretty dwarf cherry, which is cultivated in N. China for its fruits, is perfectly hardy. Nearly allied to P. glandulosa, it may be roughly distinguished by its downy shoots and its leaves being widest above the middle. From P. jacquemontii, with which it has been confused, its downy shoots also distinguish it. P. jacquemontii, besides, has laciniated stipules.



Other species in the genus